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In todays episode, Ariel talks with us about geek therapy, how to use media in sessions, combining art with gaming, and a bit about narrative therapy. Check out the episode to learn more!

Ariel Landrum is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Art Therapist. She is a proud Filipino American currently practicing teletherapy out of Reseda, California. She is a self-identified “geek therapist” who uses her client’s passions and fandoms to create connection, strength identification, and support of their individuality. She provides the service of assessing and certifying emotional support animals and letters for gender-affirming treatments. She has worked with children ages 3-17 years old, adults 18-61 years old, and senior citizens 62-83 years old. Populations she specializes in working with are: military members and their families, the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and survivors of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. When she is not performing her clinical duties, she can be found playing Animal Crossingor petting her pup while watching Disney+.

Check out Ariel’s private practice website, Guidance Therapy.

Take a listen to her podcast called “The Happiest Pod on Earth” on the Geek Therapy Network!

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