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TT5: Therapy-Related Podcasts!

It's no surprise I am a huge fan of podcasts. My husband got me into them, way back when we were dating ten years ago, and there were only a handful of good podcasts around. Now? They are everywhere and it's wonderful!! This list is by no means exhaustive and honestly I had to have… Continue reading TT5: Therapy-Related Podcasts!

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Thankful For Clouds…..

Besides that I am a HUGE Joni Mitchell fan.....I felt thankful for the clouds today. I live in Denver, where it is sunny 300 days out of the year. And honestly after living here, I think it might be more. BUT. Today was the first day of fall that was cloudy, misty, and foggy. I… Continue reading Thankful For Clouds…..

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Episode #4- Mika McLane, MPC, ATR, LCAT, CCLS

Check Out The Episode! In this episode, Mika discusses her journey to becoming an art therapist, her creative endeavors using nature within therapy, and her current blossoming private practice in New York State. She talks about thinking outside of the box as a therapist and the importance of grounding in the body. Take a listen… Continue reading Episode #4- Mika McLane, MPC, ATR, LCAT, CCLS