It’s no surprise I am a huge fan of podcasts. My husband got me into them, way back when we were dating ten years ago, and there were only a handful of good podcasts around. Now? They are everywhere and it’s wonderful!!

This list is by no means exhaustive and honestly I had to have an honorable mention section because I listen to way more than five podcasts. But these are truly the top five that I consistently listen to (that are therapy related anyway!)

  1. Music Therapy Chronicles: Interested in learning more about all types of music therapy? Have no idea what music therapy is? Feeling burnt out as a music therapist? Looking for guidance in a particular approach? Tricia has it covered with this podcast. It’s consistent, reliable, fun, and ALWAYS leaves me feeling inspired after listening.
  2. Lessons From The Playroom: I love how short these episodes are. I seriously walk away with an applicable tidbit of information that I can use during my sessions that day. I’ve learned so much about play therapy through these episodes and I look forward to each new release. Lisa Dion is the creator of Synergetic Play Therapy and has a really cool approach to play therapy, which I think can easily be integrated into other creative arts therapies besides play. I love her quote “You are the most important toy in the playroom!”
  3. Clinical BopulationsI love hearing new music, but I am not the best at seeking it out. This is why I love this podcast because it is always opening my mind (and ears!) to new music and giving ideas on how to generate interventions from the songs. I love the banter and relationship that the hosts all have and honestly, Gabby’s laugh is the most contagious thing I’ve ever heard and I LOVE IT. 
  4. The Trauma Therapist: SO. MANY. EPISODES. It was only recently that I found this podcast, and I am working my way through the episodes. As I’m diving more into trauma work, this podcast has been pivotal in my understanding of trauma, therapeutic approaches, and theories that are applicable to the work. A gem of a podcast for sure!
  5. Tara Brach: Need some zen? This podcast has it. Although this podcast leans into my personal podcast favorites, I find that the information I learn in this podcast has been incredibly helpful for my therapeutic work. Tara Brach is a psychologist and specializes in mindfulness and buddhist approaches. BUT, she is so not woo-ey, she’s funny, and the concepts are very enjoyable to learn. This podcast has helped me become a better person, become more mindful, and sit with my own feelings; which in turn supports my clinical work so much!

Honorable Mentions (because I almost titled this post “Top Twenty Podcasts…..”)

  • Play in the Everyday:This podcast is really fun for all therapists because it analyzes lots of pop culture references and how they relate to therapy. Finding the themes within Game of Thrones and how it applies to childhood trauma? Yes please. Talking about Stranger Things and it’s applications to friendships of young children? I’m all ears. Analyzing the symbolism in Moana? I NEED MORE. It’s so good. 
  • Music Therapy Hour: I’ve loved all of the episodes so far on this podcast! The interviews are great and it’s always a pleasure to hear from music therapists working hard in their communities.
  • Play Therapy Community: This is such a fun podcast to learn more about play therapy, from a variety of perspectives and approaches. This podcast is a great place to build a play therapy foundation, along with develop further insight into others’ works.
  • Very Bad Therapy Podcast: Honestly, I just started this one but I am really enjoying it. The hosts have guests on who talk about terrible experiences that they have had in therapy. It sounds terrible, but I think it’s important for therapists to hear the negative experiences that people have so that we can become better, stay aware, and uphold the ethical standards of our practice to keep our clients safe! It’s great. 

Do you have a great podcast you enjoy listening to? Send it my way!!!



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