I can’t believe it’s already September! Where on earth did the summer go?

I am looking forward to fall, especially seeing the change of leaves throughout the trees. This song was inspired by a poem that I saw on a teacher’s bulletin board years ago, and it was begging to be turned into a song. (I later realized someone else did this when I found the song on youtube!)

Here is a short video on the intervention, but you can download the directives, adaptations, and visuals.

Download your packet here!!

Little Leaves

Background: When working within school districts, you get to see a lot of amazing bulletin boards. During fall time, I saw these lyrics on a bulletin board as a poem and was instantly inspired to write a song out of it (although I think there are a few versions out there on youtube as well, so check them out too!)

Population: Clients ages 0-10, depending on skill level and cognitive level. 

Goal: To provide varied sensory stimulation, to improve physical skills, to improve fine motor skills (grasping), to identify colors, to improve hand-eye coordination, communication skills

….. download the packet for the rest of the info!


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