I’m going to say it again, Teachers Pay Teachers is an absolute lifesaver! I was chatting with one of my friends who is a high school English teacher and she just hopped on the TPT bandwagon. She said to me “I spent thirty minutes trying to figure out margins for some visual, and then realized the five bucks was totally worth it!”

I also just love how the money spent is going directly to a teacher or counselor who is making those products!

So, the Solution-Focused Counseling Toolbox. This resource is so amazing, I’m having trouble figuring out how to summarize it’s awesomeness in one blog post! There are so many opportunities to create music using this resource. Here are some of the things you’ll get:

  • Strength-Based Visual Animal Cards (They are B-E-A-utiful!)
    • I love using these for general visual cards! Some kiddos have loved using them when singing songs like “Momma’s taking us to the zoo” for additional support.
    • Also love using these to select different cards for different people
  • Conversation Lists (Strengths, Connections, Possibility, and Real Talk)
    • These are the most amazing prompts for songwriting!
  • Miracle Question Worksheets
    • Awesome songwriting potential as well as a great opportunity to create Storysongs. I love supporting kids with creating these stories and then going back in to create music that supports the emotional content within the story.
  • The Fortune Teller Paper Template
    • This is just fun. But I like to use this with a simple chant as we go:

Fortune teller, fortune teller
Can you help me?
Fortune teller, fortune teller
What is it that you see?

  • So much more! There are almost 60 pages in this download and it is 100% worth it! The visuals are breathtaking and the content is amazing, I only wish I had it sooner.

So go check it out and start creating!


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