In this episode, Amanda shares her ingenuity with incorporated the concept of “Design Thinking” into the therapy world. She shares the catalyst for applying this idea originally and has since continued to explore the possibilities of this helpful skill. Amanda has presented on this topic at numerous conferences.

Design thinking is a framework for handling problems and building new opportunities through creative thinking, innovation, and experimentation. The process includes five actions that are focused on the “client”. This non-linear process includes the following actions: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Amanda gives us examples of how this process can be used in therapy to better create more dynamic, functional, and successful interventions. She explains that this process is continuous and that complacency doesn’t fit into this model!

Take a listen to learn more on how to get more creative by using this process to ground your actions, interventions, and thinking!

Amanda Bryant, is the owner of Colorado Music Therapy Services and has over twenty years of experience working with people with neurodevelopmental differences, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. Amanda has developed numerous music therapy programs throughout the Denver/Boulder Metro region and is a regular presenter at conferences. Amanda completed undergraduate degrees in music theatre performance, and music therapy at Arizona State University, and her Master’s degree in music therapy at Colorado State University. She is a Fellow of Neurologic Music Therapy and the current chair of the Colorado Legislative Task Force.

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