Can we forgive ourselves for not being in the most creative mindset right now?

Ok good. Because almost everyone is feeling this way. Now that we’ve accepted that, we can move on to working with the problem. If you’re like me, you were stuck.

Stuck with coming up with creative interventions. Stuck with being creative in the moment. Stuck with thinking outside of the box. Stuck with your own personal creativity outside of work.

That’s because I was focused on DOING. Eventually, I was able to shift my perspective and I realized it’s not about doing. It’s about BEING.

I began digging deep into this topic years ago when I struggled with coming up with creative ideas. It’s SO frustrating!

But through consistent practice, exercises, knowledge, tips, and tricks, I have made a solid relationship with creativity that never wavers, both in and out of the therapy room. A good friend of mine, Wade Richards, loving calls it, “The Creativity Monster”. I’m happy to say that my creativity monster and I are now BFFS.

You can do this too! The Cultivating Creative Resiliency course focuses on teaching you about creativity as a resiliency factor, how it can impact child mental health, and how to BE creative.

You will:

  • get easy exercises that you can schedule into your week to practice being creative
  • think about creating interventions in a new way that helps children develop a sense of self, insight, motivation, and well-being
  • save time and energy on racking your brain for creative ideas
  • build confidence in your skills
  • reflect on what drives your creativity and your client’s creativity
  • practice thinking outside of the box to expand your perspective of what creativity is
  • learn how BE creative in the therapy room, whether it be planned or in the moment.

Learn more about HOW we go about doing this here. Let’s BE creative together!

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