In this episode, Esther shares about the transition of her company to full telehealth services during the pandemic. She also shares about supporting mental health and trauma survivors through music therapy for children and teens. Esther tells us how music can be used to create a safe space for supporting mental health and reducing the possibility of re-traumatization.
Esther Craven is a board-certified music therapist, and CEO & founder of North Star Therapy in Plano, TX. A specialist in music therapy for mental health, Esther directs her team of therapists in the treatment of adolescents with anxiety, depression, trauma, and behavioral issues. Esther believes self-expression is a key element of mental health and is passionate about using music to improve the quality of mental health care in North Texas. When she’s not working, Esther loves spending time with her dog, Lola, reading the latest book releases, visiting hot air balloon festivals, and connecting with people over coffee.
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