In this episode, I share with you about creativity as a resiliency factor for ourselves as therapists, for children, and for the larger community. As therapists, there is no better time to deepen our understanding of resiliency factors in children. The more resiliency factors a child has, the more likely they will thrive in the world, despite the challenges they may face. Creative resiliency is a factor that we can easily support in children and it has profound ripple effects. Children are naturally creative, and unfortunately, this skill is too often lost as children move into adulthood. I am super passionate about this topic (which you probably already know) so I hope you enjoy this episode and find it helpful for your practice!

Kate is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Board Certified Music Therapist, and is about to sit for her exam to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. She’s spent her career supporting children with life-limiting medical diagnoses, mental health needs, and developmental differences through creative expression. Kate is passionate about the intersections between the creative arts modalities and helping therapists build creative resiliency in children. You can learn more about me here or check out my C.V. here!

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