Want to help children harness the power of storytelling? These visuals are a great place to start! They give children the structure that they need, and yet the freedom to be imaginative and creative. Also, children LOVE using dice in sessions! This is a fun way to get everyone involved in your therapy sessions!

I find that the more simple the better, and that kids will bring in familiar themes into the storytelling. Sometimes after using this visual, I’ll challenge some children to create a story without the visual guide and this requires a little more thinking and processing, but often children will pick experiences that they want to work through at this time.

There are 15 themes in this bundle including:

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Sports, Music, Art, Superhero
Fantasy, Adventure, Realistic
Safari, Ocean, Camping, Space

These visuals will never get old!


  • Using a die, roll three times
  • Each roll will determine the character, setting, and challenge with the corresponding number on the visual
  • Provide child with opportunity to tell the story at whatever support level theymay need


  • Keep in mind the child’s unique strengths
  • Remember to give the opportunity for independence as often as possible and ask for permission

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