Another post about using dice in your sessions! I might just declare this week “Dice Week” because I am on a roll! (So much pun intended!)

Have you ever utilized the website called Teachers Pay Teachers? If not, get on over there and take a gander at all of the amazing materials they have available. There are tons of great supports for all academic skills and levels. It’s been a great resource for me, and I love getting their monthly e-mails that include recommendations. The best part is that if you end up purchasing resources, your money is going straight to the teachers and creators!

One of my most recent favorites is a freebie made by Cori Bloom, and it’s called:

Listen & Roll

This has been a favorite with some of my clients who are working on focused attention, listening skills, and academic music skills. I like to take turns choosing the music so that the clients have an opportunity to be challenged by what I choose, and be excited to analyze their favorite music too.

So go download this freebie and let me know what other favorites you find at Teachers Pay Teachers!


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