Oh Target, how I love thee….

My Target obsession is for another post, but for now I’d just like to say that I LOVE the Target dollar section! I know of many music therapists who share what they have found back and forth there, especially on Instagram. Finding cheap and colorful materials always gets my creative juices flowing!

So, Activity Dice!


These bad boys were only $3 and already I am thinking of about 10 different interventions they could be used for! Here are a few ideas to get your creative mind moving:


  • Use only 3 math dice for academic skills
  • Pair color die with one number die and find the prompted roll within the room (Kind of like “I Spy”)
  • Pair color die with an appropriate singable book and roll the die for each page. Find that color on the page!


  • Use question die to prompt a weekly check-in with client. Take turns asking each other questions about the weekend!
  • Pair question die with picture die to form a complete question
  • Pair as many die together as you like and create a story song! (My favorite so far– Story songs are the best!!)


  • Use movement die to complete physical tasks during warm-up song
  • Pair one number die with movement die to complete the physical task
  • Pair picture die with number die and create new movements based on the roll!

These are just a handful of the ideas to get your started. I can’t wait to try some of these out– I’ll report back soon with a full intervention write up for download!

What are some ideas you can think of?


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