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In this episode, Samuel shares with us his experiences working with refugee children and creating creative arts therapy opportunities in Germany. He also shares with us about a non-profit called Sam’s Fans that supports music and art therapy through Ohio as well as his involvement with IAMM- the International Association for Music and Medicine. Take a listen and enjoy!

Samuel Gracida is originally from Mexico but has lived in China, the USA, and Germany. He has played guitar for over 12 years and completed a Bachelor’s of Music from Capital University in Ohio, USA. He has experience playing a wide range of genres, from rock and metal to jazz, classical, funk, and Brazilian music, among others. He also completed a Master’s degree in music therapy at SRH University in Heidelberg, Germany. 
Samuel leads a business with international clients in music therapy to develop their communications and digital presence. He is Chair of Communications and Outreach for the International Association for Music and Medicine and Operating Director of Sam’s Fans, a non-profit organization based in the US. His experience includes work with children, refugee and vulnerable populations, trauma, and medical music therapy, as well as speaking opportunities in Mexico and internationally.

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