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Musical Jenga!

I had no idea how much fun Jenga could be with simple adaptations! This is a big game with counselors and therapists working with children, not only because it's fun but also because it is really flexible. Many of the counselors I work with have written questions on Jenga blocks that clients answer as they… Continue reading Musical Jenga!

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The Importance of Session Structure (or lack thereof)

One of my clients, a six-year-old,  has a very short attention span and spends a lot of his time stimming with various little items. This particular client hasn't been diagnosed with Autism, but presents with some similar characteristics due to his medical history. When I first started with Cx, I quickly decided that an improvisational… Continue reading The Importance of Session Structure (or lack thereof)

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Music Therapy and Anticipatory Grief

I found myself browsing reddit this Saturday morning to catch up on some of my favorite subreddits. In my news feed, there was a news article about the boy called "The Butterfly Child" named Jonathon Pitre. He and his family created a documentary a few years ago about his life-threatening condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare genetic… Continue reading Music Therapy and Anticipatory Grief

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Hear That Thunder Boom!

Today, it was beautiful and sunny when I woke up. I couldn't wait to start the day! I brewed some coffee and by the time I turned back to the window, IT WAS SNOWING. What just happened? The best part was that it snowed for an hour and then the sun came out for the… Continue reading Hear That Thunder Boom!