This is an updated download! This has been available on my website for years and I just recently went through and updated the download to add more adaptation ideas as well well expansion ideas. The expansion ideas include art, movement, and sensory activities that can be used to support learners of all styles!

Weather themed intervention as so wonderful to have in your back pocket because you can really use them at any time of year. I love using them in springtime because up north we usually get snow, rain, wind, sun, sleet, hail — we get it all!

When I was in my internship in New York, spring was full of rain, thunder, sunshine, and snow. At that time in my internship, creating interventions, session planning, and songwriting were overwhelming experiences!

But I had an idea one day for a fun sensory-movement experience revolving around thunder. The most important part of this intervention is the therapist’s presence and animated facial expressions, so get silly and get those kids to buy-in! Download your copy here!

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