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In this episode, Rachel talks about the ins and outs of eating disorders, recovery, the basics of polyvagal theory, diet culture, and more. Through this discussion Rachel shares ways that she integrates Polyvagal theory into her own practice and what she has learned utilizing this theory as a therapist and human. Take a listen and enjoy!

Rachel Sellers is currently on the road to licensure as a mental health counselor with a focus on young adults and adolescents through both private practice and The Renfrew Center. She has most recently completed her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counselling, while also holding a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Rachel uniquely combines these two aspects of passion as a way to educate, counsel, write and lead about the interconnectedness of trauma, the polyvagal theory, diet culture, and eating disorders — all with a mission to end the stigma around mental health — especially for younger generations. An Atlanta native, Rachel has lived and worked in Nashville for the past 7 years with her husband, Coy. Rachel is the host of The Rachel Sellers Podcast, an avid mental health blogger, a coffee enthusiast and a lover of slow mornings and sleeping in. To connect further, you can find Rachel online at or on IG @iamrachelsellers. 

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Learn more about The Umbrella Community or watch this video to get a sneak peek of being a member!

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