I’m a huge fan of using books in therapy. Not only do kids love them but they also teach them important psycho-educational concepts in a fun, colorful, and engaging way.

When I use a book in therapy or when a kiddo is drawn to a certain book, I like to have ideas at the ready for them to dig into that continue to support the learning of that topic. And with those ideas, I like to make sure that I have many modalities as options – music, movement, art, dance, drama, nature, play, games, etc. This way I know that I’ll have something in my back pocket for each individual child depending upon their preferences!

I got this idea after seeing some really cute cardboard bugs made out of egg cartons on Pinterest. I immediately thought of this book that I have in my office, called “Don’t Feed The Worry Bug”. It’ such a cute story and kids have loved reading this one. Once you read the story, you can create the cardboard bugs! I like to give the kids the option to create a small and a big worry — so a one-egg carton bug and a several-egg carton bug to discuss the differences of big and small worries.

From there you can expand with many other creative arts and expressive ideas that are listed in this download!

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