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In this episode, Tamara talks with us about how movements, creative movement, and dance can reconnect us back to our minds and bodies. She describes how we can use creative movement and body connection in our sessions to support clients as well as how to use that connection for ourselves as therapists! Take a listen and enjoy!

Tamara Nazon is a Dance Movement Therapist and dancer from Montreal, Canada, whose mission is to help people cultivate psychological, emotional, and physical transformation through movement. Putting the body and movement at the center of the therapeutic process, she uses a combination of creative movement, psycho-somatic techniques, and movement analysis to guide people into connecting with the deepest parts of themselves, and tap into the healing power of their bodies. Tamara’s clinical experience includes working with children, artists,  immigrant populations, people suffering from eating disorders, and people suffering from chronic pain.  Tamara is part of the Inclusivity, Diversity, Accessibility, and Equity (IDEA) committee of the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Canada. She is also the founder of the Healing Dance Class and Power & Flow technique, where she mixes her love for dance, movement, and healing in creative exploratory workshops.  Tamara is passionate about helping mental health professionals find creative ways to embrace and integrate the power of the body in their own practice and connect to their inner mover!

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Learn more about The Umbrella Community or watch this video to get a sneak peek of being a member!

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