I had a really hard time with this decision.

What I’ve found happening as I continue to grow is that other professionals outside of music therapy are interested in whats going on over here. However, when putting on my advocacy hat– I find myself wanting to have  a larger umbrella to do a better job of advocating for our field AND, let’s take it a step further, collaborating with other fields. 

You’ll hear this in my podcast episode with Tricia Caiti, where we discuss co-treatments. There really is nothing like actually doing the co-treatment session to engage in silent advocacy. You gotta see it to believe it!

So, I’m pulling off the band-aid. Diving in head first. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

I’m changing the name of this site and my podcast to Creative Therapy Umbrella. 

Although I first and foremost identify as a music therapist, I hope this small change will allow me to bring in the creativity that is so important to our field and reach out to other creative therapists to make those larger connections for music therapists.

What this means for you, you ask?

  • For the blog, not too much. I’ll still be posting most topics revolving around music therapy.
  • For the newsletter? Same. I am still hoping this serves as a place for primarily music therapists who want more creative ideas on incorporating creative ideas into their work.
  • For the podcast? I’ll be interviewing more professionals from other creative disciplines so that listeners can get information directly from the experts. I had originally thought I’d mostly focus on interviewing music therapists, but we have a lot of lovely podcasts doing that already. I’d say the breakdown will be 50/50. Fifty percent music therapist interviews, 50% other professionals.

So, I am asking for a call to action from YOU! What professionals would you like to hear from? Here are a few I am hoping to line up in the near future!

  • Child and Family Therapists
  • Play Therapists
  • Art Therapists
  • Dance Therapists
  • Drama Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Behavioral Therapists
  • Upper Management of Therapy-Related Companies

Reach out to me with any questions or concerns!! I’m an open book!


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