Both of these songs came about after a songwriting challenge with Music For Kiddos. I LOVE engaging in these and they are such a boost to my creativity. I am a total sucker for sea shanty songs and that’s where the inspiration for “A Pirates Life” came from. This song can be used, in combination with the visuals, to reach communication, physical, cognitive, and other goals.

Whacky Weather is a fun yet simple chant that is flexible for many goals as well! Living in Denver, we really can resonate with all of the craziness in weather so why not sing about it! Click below to get the chords and implementation ideas!

Download the lead sheets with implementation ideas here!

As I mentioned in the video, I created both of these songs from Stephanie Leavell ( Songwriting Challenge. She gives such amazing songwriting prompts that really just help give enough structure to the process.Kate

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