Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!!

This month, my focus will be providing resources to support mental health (which is kind of our deal here anyway) but with some added flair!

Many of us are quickly moving to telehealth sessions, so I wanted to send out support in that particular area. The video below has a free download with a Keynote/Powerpoint presentation and can be so easily adapted for you own sessions!

I would be LOST without Keynote and use it to support so many of my interventions. I’ve found that in telehealth sessions, kids have really been enjoying the visual stimulation (aren’t we all sick of staring at the inside of our houses yet?) and it’s a nice break from staring at my face!

Again, sending you all the most positive thoughts for your health and wellness during this time. Always feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, or needed support. We are a community and we can lean on each other!

This intervention is focused on using egg shakers and getting into some fun pretend play! Using eggs, we bring in all different animals that hatch (called oviparous animals), and find ways to support a variety of skills!

Download your visual here!

Ideas for Implementation 

  • Sing it!- Simplicity works best sometimes! This is such a fun chant and the pauses add a great space to support communication and speech skill development
  • Make it!– I love making musical instruments and many kids do not have them at home right now. Plastic eggs are an easy way to make little shakers, but an even more accessible way to is to make these cute toilet paper roll shakers! So many opportunities for conversations arise when creating instruments, so I like to use this time to check in about how kids are feeling with social isolation, family members, and other areas of need
  • Move it!- Embodying these animals can be so. much. fun. for kids! We also all need the extra movement and a way to get our bodies to experience movements not associated with sitting/walking/sleeping. It feels so good!

Liking these interventions?

Check out the Umbrella Community, a place where you can have access to every single intervention we’ve ever created! The Umbrella Community is a space to learn more about child mental health, counseling skills, infant/child development, trauma-informed care, and the creative arts. We are uniquely situated to support children in building their resiliency through creative expression, but only if we have the right tools in our bag. This community is a place to add your toolbox and build your confidence as a clinician who can support children of all needs with their emotional well-being.

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