In this episode, Kate and Bodhi share with us not only the amazing work that they do individually, but also the creative work they do together! Kate and Bodhi created Expressive Wellness, a business dedicated to creating wellness groups, retreats, and continuing education for healthcare professionals and organizations. They share their journey to creating an arts-based collaborative business as well as tips for other therapists looking to connect to other creative arts therapists outside of their modality. Take a listen and enjoy!

Kate is a Board Certified Music Therapist and the owner of Maine Music & Health, which provides music therapy services and education. Kate is a percussionist who performs in a number of musical groups. 

Bodhi is a Registered Art Therapist with a private practice in Waterville, Maine called Conscious Art Therapy. Bodhi and Kate are co-creators of Expressive Wellness Workshops, Trainings, & Retreats.

Out of the music box course!

Check out Kate and Bodhi’s collaborative business, Expressive Wellness

Expressive Wellness Virtual Full Moon Retreat!

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