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In this episode, Jennifer shares with us her experience as an art therapist supporting people through a variety of needs, specifically anxiety. She discusses how she utilizes various techniques, such as personification, to separate the client from their struggles and how she turns this into art with her clients. She also shares with us the basics of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and parts work, describing how she bridges art therapy and this approach to therapy. Take a listen to learn more!

Jennifer Greiner is an LCPC & Art Therapist as well as Holistic Wellness Coach.  She helps individuals manage their emotional, mental & physical well-being so that they can make lasting changes in their lifestyle to live their best, natural life intentionally, with awareness.  She combines a holistic & universal approach to her work including essential oils & Human Design.She lives & works in Southern Maine & has worked in the mental health field for 10 years.

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