Recently I moved from the state of Maine back to Rochester, New York. Using calm down kits was a typical part of my work with children and tweens. We talked about all of the different things they could add to their space, built forts in session while using relaxation techniques, and practiced coping skills with flashcards they could take home.

Not only did I feel like this list was helpful to give to parents as a guide, but I also used it with kids to decide what types of things would help them the most during times of stress, anxiety, worry, anger, or other intense emotions.

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Anyway, the uses of this list are pretty endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Use in session for in vivo exposure practice
  • Use in session to develop coping skill awareness
  • Use in session to identify favorite coping tools
  • Use in session to create ideal “calm down kit” for home
  • Give to parents for support when creating calm down kit
  • Use as a guide when creating calm down kits for your space!

Sending you warm thoughts as you try this out in your sessions or classroom!

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