These creative prompts were inspired by a book another clinician let me borrow. The idea of the book was all about thinking outside of the box and had art-based prompts like this incorporated throughout. I found that it was SO much fun to use as a creativity booster and for self-care.

I wanted to create visual prompts that had a similar feel, but with more questions related to social-emotional health. These prompts allow space to draw, write, or create off of the page. The two prompts in this freebie incorporate questions related to time and creativity!

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Some additional questions you can ask during this intervention:

  • What things take up too much time in your day?
  • What activities makes you happy? Who do you do them with?
  • Do you feel like you have enough time to do the things you want?
  • What things have other people invented that you really enjoy?
  • Are you inspired by anyone that you know?

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