Ten different prompts that you can use with your clients, students, or kiddos! These can really work across many ages and give kids the space to use the miracle question in a creative way! What will they come up with? How will they describe their answer? How will they draw it out?

This packet is one of my favorite to use for telehealth sessions as I can send it to kiddos in the mail or via email and then we can work off of it for several weeks or even months. It can also be a fantastic resource for kids to use on their own for independent coping skill development!

This includes ten unique prompts such as:

  • “Imagine if time disappeared. What would you do all day?”
  • “Imagine if you could invent anything you wanted. What would you create? Who would it be for?”
  • “Imagine if you could hear the deepest conversations and secrets in your heart. What would your heart say?”

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