Spring is starting to roll out over here in Maine and it feels good! It still means a lot of ice, snow, and wind, but the sunshine can really melt the winter blues away. Honestly, winter is my favorite season, but I also am a fan of having everything in moderation!

Weather themed intervention as so wonderful to have in your back pocket because you can really use them at any time of year. I love using them in springtime because up north we usually get snow, rain, wind, sun, sleet, hail — we get it all!

This intervention includes a simple chant that I wrote a few years ago when engaging in a songwriting challenge with Music For Kiddos. I originally had this chant as a simple intervention but I wanted to add expanded ideas to bring in other creative modalities into the music sessions such as movement, sensory, and art. It comes with these adorable flashcards that I find important to use for almost every session in that it gives additional support for all learners.

Whether (😂 see what I did there) you are doing this in-person or over telehealth, you’ve got a bunch of ideas on how to expand this intervention to support all learners!

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