In today’s holiday special episode, Bonnie Houpt navigates her way through 20 would you rather questions related to therapy! She was such a great sport and we had so much fun! We talk about business, clinical identity, self-care, and so many other fun things in this episode, it’s hard to pinpoint all of the topics. Stay tuned for a full interview episode with Bonnie in the new year!

Bonnie graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy in 2018 where she studied percussion as her primary instrument for four years with piano, voice, and guitar as secondary instruments. During her studies, Bonnie served as the president of the University of Georgia’s Music Therapy Student Association, serving both the Athens, GA community, and the University’s music therapy students and department.

Bonnie completed her music therapy internship and provided music therapy at the Madonna School in Omaha, NE, a private school for students with disabilities. After her internship and graduation, Bonnie moved to Colorado and has provided music therapy for a population she is passionate about: individuals with disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and other intellectual and physical disabilities. Bonnie has also worked with older adults.

Studying percussion formed the roots of rhythm that are present and a significant force in Rhythmic Roots Music Therapy, LLC’s services. Every individual deserves opportunities to improve their lives, and music is an effective vehicle for change and quality of life that Bonnie at Rhythmic Roots Music Therapy, LLC provides.

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