In this episode, Jaycie, Executive Director & Mastermind Facilitator, shares with us her recent development of music therapy mastermind courses and how she helps others find their purpose. Jaycie promotes the power of groups coming together and sharing their experiences, no matter what their level of clinical experience, to grow their business, ethics, clinical skills, and more. Jaycie has an incredible passion to help others with their business ventures, so take a listen to get inspired!

Jaycie Voorhees, MM, SCMT, MT-BC has been a Board Certified Music Therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2008. Her clinical experience includes working with children and adults with special needs, adolescents, and adults with mental health challenges, corporate wellness, and hospice. She is the Owner and Executive Director of Harmony Music Therapy where she employs 8 therapists working with special needs and mental health populations. She is also the Past President of the Utah Association of Music Therapists where she served for 4 years. Her leadership helped to double the association membership and quadruple continuing education opportunities available to members. Jaycie combines her zest for life with her passion for music, bringing energizing and effective change to her clients and their teams.

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