Ever have a set of visual cards that you use almost every day in sessions? Well add these to your list! I use these strength cards constantly in my sessions. There are so many ways to explore strengths, support self-esteem, or increase problem-solving using these cards. This intervention packet includes creative arts ideas including sandtray, superheros, manga, anime, music and more to get creative with these skills!

And these cards are not limited to strengths either! Sometimes I use them as story prompt cards, for songwriting supports, or as a coping skill to embody different animals that we need during times of distress.

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The Umbrella Community is bursting with intervention packets and ideas like the ones above to support child mental health and creative expression. Every month you get an email full of visuals, resources, intervention ideas, and implementation videos. Check out these examples below of some of the ideas within the resource archive!

What does the community include?

  • monthly email with intervention ideas, informational downloads, and implementation videos
  • Specific resources for learning about counseling skills, trauma, child development, creative development, and each creative arts modality 
  • A monthly group call that you can attend live or watch later (see our schedule of topics here!)
  • Opportunity for individual 30 minute consultations with Kate throughout the year
  • Access to the Creative Therapy Umbrella Resource Archive (a demo is below)
  • Private Facebook group access to support your connections with others and engage in discussions
  • 15 CMTE credits (if you are a music therapist!)
  • Huge discounts on courses, pod-courses, and everything in our shop!

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