Sometimes it’s really hard to find the right name of an emotion we are feeling. We know the power of name it to tame it, and this visual was made to support that skill. Download, Print, Laminate, Name It, and Tame It!

Use this visual to support your clients with developing emotional vocabulary, for naming emotions in the moment, or as a part of EMDR therapy! Check out our most recent EMDR packet in our shop if you are looking for a full set of EMDR visuals. 

If you like this freebie, then you might really enjoy the whole EMDR packet that we have available in our shop! For EMDR therapists, these visual can be such a helpful way for clients to quickly move through setting up targeted memories.

There are 8 separate visuals in the EMDR packet, all created to support identifying emotions, sensations, core beliefs, cognitions, and rating scales. These visuals can be used with children, tweens, teens, and adults! Colorful and descriptive, these can make your EMDR process more supportive for your clients and for yourself as the clinician!

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