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“Be Nice!” Intervention Idea

I don't know if you have heard of the new NBC show called "Songland" but it's pretty amazing. It's a series where songwriters get their songs produced and recorded by popular artists. I'm guilty, I haven't watched it yet. BUT, I have thoroughly enjoyed one of the songs that came out of the show. One… Continue reading “Be Nice!” Intervention Idea

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“Spinner App” Intervention Ideas

I LOVE THIS APP. Seriously, I love this app. Someone had posted about this app somewhere online and I can't find the blog that I originally found it on. Thank you kind stranger! There have been so many interventions that have spawned out of this app. I originally started to use it for a feelings… Continue reading “Spinner App” Intervention Ideas

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Everybody was…….

KUNG FU FIGHTING!      This intervention was a spur-of-the-moment idea when I was working with one of my client a few weeks ago. He is a young boy with a rare genetic disorder that causes spastic movement in his arms and legs. He has demonstrated the ability to functionally move his arms and legs… Continue reading Everybody was…….

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What Instrument Is That?!?!

I end up working with a lot of clients and their siblings within music therapy. Often, when a client is suffering from a life-limiting illness, they tend to gain a lot of attention from parents, medical staff, teachers, and others. The siblings see this and usually don't understand the complexity of the situation or that… Continue reading What Instrument Is That?!?!